Does your organisation’s conflict resolution policy support or contradict company philosophy & values?

The CIPD Manchester Branch is holding an event dedicated to dispute resolution on Monday 17th October in Stockport,  where John Sharples will be challenging conventional thinking about how best to resolve workplace disputes in accordance with company values.

Acting as a catalyst for aligning policies and procedures to organisational values, this event includes interactive sessions aimed at providing attendees with the awareness and capacity to begin identifying whether their organisation’s conflict resolution policies support or contradict their organisation’s philosophy and values (and how to remedy any misalignment).

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Stockport Town Hall | Meeting Room 5


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Driving business performance through HR Analytics

HR can play a strategic role in transforming data into valuable decisional insights. This ability to generate, and dynamically respond to, new information and insights will provide companies with real competitive advantage.


An organisation can be hard to understand through figures alone.  HR, through analytics, can generate and enable meaningful visualisation of the organisation.  Analytics promotes a deeper understanding of where staff are, what they are doing, how well they are performing and where to realise efficiencies.  With the right capabilities, HR can transition from an on-demand provider of data to a proactive function helping to drive business performance.

Where are your existing talent gaps? How can you grow employee retention? What is the impact of your current recruitment indicators on employee performance?

Your business needs to be able to identify which candidates get ahead and where to find them.  Your business needs to know what generates engagement and encourages retention within the company.  Are you, as an HR professional, aware of what helps your sales team exceed their performance targets?  In managing Health and Safety, are you aware of the locations, roles and circumstances within your business have the highest risk of accidents and expensive claims?



The CIPD Manchester (Stockport) Branch is organising an informative talk on HR Analytics, including methods and examples.  This event is beneficial for HR professionals at all levels, business strategists and all professionals involved in organisational efficiency regardless of technical or analytical background.

To reserve a seat simply complete CIPD Manchester’s Eventbrite booking form.



Rebecca joined the CIPD in 2015 to validate her HR skills here in the UK.  She is an Ambassador for the CIPD Stockport Branch. Although Rebecca is studying full-time she also provides pro bono social media consultancy for a charity in Greece and a coaching company in Manchester.  During her 20 years in Paris, Rebecca built herself a successful career in Global HRM, working successively for EuroDisney, JP Morgan and BNPParibas in recruitment, compensation and benefits, reporting and international coordination roles. 

Follow Rebecca on Twitter @RebeccaHRM