A takeaway with a difference

Our student member Rebecca, put together this novel takeaway, after attending our HR Influence event held on 29th September 2015, at Cheadle House.

Organisational Politics
“It is not what I do – it’s why you think I’m doing it.”

David Bancroft-Turner, our speaker and founder of the Academy for Political Intelligence, advised us that “21st-century companies need their people to develop what has been described as the ‘missing competency’ of political intelligence.”  He went on to explain that “it is more than just an awareness of the political landscape. It’s about possessing the skills to manoeuvre through political minefields, using best practice behaviours, strategies and techniques, aimed at delivering both personal and organizational goals.”

“We are all political animals.”

David stressed that “perception lies at the heart of organisational politics. Your political animal character will determine how other people perceive you.  A fox is smart, politically aware but a psychological game-player. A mule is stubborn, politically unaware but a psychological game-player. A sheep is innocent, politically blind but acting with integrity. An owl, however, is wise, politically aware and always acting with integrity.”

So, give yourself permission to use organisational politics. You don’t have to be a fox, you can be an owl.  Use organisational politics for yourself and for the good of your organisation.

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Rebecca joined the CIPD in 2015 to validate her HR skills here in the UK.  She is an Ambassador for the CIPD Stockport Branch. Although Rebecca is studying full-time she also provides pro bono social media consultancy for a charity in Greece and a coaching company in Manchester.  During her 20 years in Paris, Rebecca built herself a successful career in Global HRM, working successively for EuroDisney, JP Morgan and BNPParibas in recruitment, compensation and benefits, reporting and international coordination roles. Rebecca is also a keen artist and has her own website showcasing her work. 

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